Thornwyn's Legacy

Wolves in the Wood

attacked by wolves!
Rowan fucks one up
they kill them all
notice wolves are not local
move towards town
after notice a druid sign for beware of beast
get to gates of Firiel
stopped by guards
questioned by the lead guard Tavin
Evrah explains their quest
sends them through, jovial. Congratulates them on skirtting the guards
stops them at the realization rowan is a drow
evrah vouches for them
they ask where they might find seal’uss hunting party
sent to the leaky tap
dilia is the young blond elf bartender, over easger
sent upstairs by an old guy
meet with wood watchers
LILLI nat 20 to tell that able is lying
catches him downstairs
he tells her he saw Se’elus at a funeral for the young boy. Able was friends with the boys brother. He told Forowyn who disappeared the next day
the next day the decide where to go.
lilli looks for info on the mysterious druid who may have ciomethrough town. the small boys fanfiction game is real. Mentions all of the watchers. They decide to ask their druid

they try and catch the watchers at the east gate, and get lucky.
Killi tells them of a young dwarven druid who came through a month ago.
lilli recognizes the discription.
Kili saw him buying herbs in the market. She found it odd, but attributed it to him not being local
They go talk to the herbalist in the market. an ancient elven woman named silia
she remembers the druid. He bought nightwood. used in healing properties, but there are much more local herbs that could have done the trick. This particular herb is good for making a potion of cure disease.
Silia had to discribe where best to find a binding agent in for the potion (in water). the closest creek comes from the north and flows through firiel.
Lilli pays the woman for the info, and gets a surprised goodberry seed in return
they head north and manage to find the closest creek, and with a NAT 20, they find tracks
they find the old cave where the druid took care of saelus and they follow tracks back south.
ANOTHER NAT 20 from RIke has him spot a skirmish and a lot of blood (quite old)
They loose the trail
They head along the eastern trail.
they find the trail of the wood watchers until it stops when they split up intot he wood.s
Asking lo for help, they head into the woods off the trail
they are attacked by 2 wolves, 2 dire wolves, and a wearwolf
Evrah shouts to Loh if its’ his brother, but loh attacks instead.
the werewolf and 1 dire wolf run off. they chase
they come over an edge and spot the pack pf wolves with 5 people turnign . 1 at the center is the druid, he looks paineed and skcared,.



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