Thornwyn's Legacy

What to do with Werewolves

Met with the wood watchers
Looked for info on druid next morning
Small infatuated boy
Met back up with wood watchers to find out about druid
Tracked brother
Searched for wolves
Everybody nearly died
Got back
Spooky dreams
Met with druids and god peeps
Rike locked up
Lilli rushed for nightwood
Potion made
JUST as rike is turning they threw the potion on him
Currently passed out

Secrets Revealed

Shortly after arriving at the Leaky Tap, you snuck a peak at the ledger of guests. There in the middle of the page was the name ‘Evrah Baelen ath Korvan’. Three rooms are booked under his name, 2 on the 3rd floor, and 1 on the 2nd. The rooms are reserved for another 2 nights.

You take a seat at a table along the railing on the 2nd floor. There is a perfect view of the first floor, the stairs leading up to the second floor, and the hallway to the second floor guest rooms. There will be no way your quarry could slip past you.

However, the evening turns to darkness and there is no sight of them. As sleep threatens to take you the dawn sun begins to rise. That is when, one by one, a group of weary and beaten up adventurers begin to file in and meet at a booth in the corner of the second floor.

You struggle to hear their conversation, but what elven you manage to pick up peaks your interest. “Werewolves”… “They held their own”… “Rike is in the jailhouse now”… “May Balinor watch over him”…

They continue on whispering about some sort of plan, but your thoughts are stuck on Rike. He is here in Firiel, and you know exactly where to find him. You imagine his party will be somewhere close by, and hopefully that means Lyra as well. But, should you act now or wait for their return?
Rike in cell
Send for lorieth (cheif druid and is staying at the temple of Sehanine)
Gets the okay
Rike and evrah go back to leaky tap
Lilli and Rowan help heal those in need
Andreas confronts Evrah
Andreas kicks down Rike’s door
Ilya and Sorken stop him
Andreas gets some answers and writes a letter
Uncle Andreas is worried about you.
Evrah seeks out mail peeps to send it. They cant get it there with any expedience.
He heads to the clan head

Ellisar Elond ath Deavan says Evrah can use the instant scroll but he must promise to return his daughter.
Evrah talks with Phelorna the mage and sends off the scroll with the added message to Ilrathian
Make sure this gets to Lyra. It’s very important.
The group meets back at the leaky tap and catch Rowan and Lilli up
Everyone agrees to help fight the werewolves that night
Rowan decides to help the guards
Rike will be bait
Big battle
they kill all the werewolves present.
Only 1 werewolf and a handfull of wolves left
Arden, the druid, is dead
Kili and Lili bury him.


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