Thornwyn's Legacy

The Death of the Black Wolf

Evrah Baelen ath’Korvan found himself breaking bread with a half-elf dressed in finery that did not seem to match his rugged demeanor.

“I know what happened to Fisaelyth at the White Falls.”

Evrah’s breath caught in his throat. His eyes locked with the half-elf’s companion, a battle hardened human with a large scar over his left eye.

Evrah felt a shiver run up his spine as the half-elf continued, “But don’t worry, this can all go away. We just need a little… assistance.”

A few weeks later, the three found themselves passing through the sprawling human capitol of King’s Run. The half-elf signed the inn’s ledger, ‘Kean Thyl’, as Evrah attempted to find solace at the bottom of a cup. His companion was speaking with a local mage, fresh out of the mage’s college.

Rike listened intently as the man spoke of a famed lost relic of their people.

“If you help us, we can return the Amulet to our King.”

Rike felt a tingle of anticipation run through him.

More travel and more weeks went by and the four of them found themselves in a small village in the foothills of the Dormark Mountains. While Evrah and Rike attended to securing lodging, Kean and his companion, Marrus, spoke with a bright-eyed gnome who had wandered into the town shortly before.

Lilli had rarely ventured so far from her druid clan in the mountains, and never before into a town. Her attention was immediately drawn to Kean as he was the first city dweller to address her.

“You are on a vision quest, am I right?”

Startled by his accurate insight into her motives, she listened.

“Perhaps, I can help. I am on a quest that I believe you would be perfect for.”

She attempted to ignore the butterflies in her stomach as she listened to his proposal.

The party finished the last leg of their journey to the giant granite mountains of the North. The settlement in the Red Valley sits high in the Dormark Mountains. The winters in the valley are known to be particularly hard, and the people even harder.

When they arrive, the Harvest Festival is in full swing. The small woodsman community is crowded with foreign merchants, games, music, and food.

Evrah attends meetings the whole week, as is his duty as the diplomatic representative from the Elven Nations. The rest of the group plans how to break in to Red Valley Keep to steal the Amulet of Thornwyn, in order to bring it to the King of The Rexland.

The plan is to pretend Rike and Lilli are waitstaff in order to gain access to the Keep, while Kean and Marrus hop the wall and sneak in through the kitchen vents. They decide to strike during the last day of the festival which always culminates in a huge event during the fall equinox.

The night comes and everyone gets into the keep without a hitch. They make their way up the library where everyone takes their positions. Marrus is out in the hall keeping watch while Kean works on the safe and the others stood about the room.

As Kean toiled with the lock someone unexpectedly walks in. Immediately, Kean throws something to the ground and with a flash everyone finds themselves frozen in place. He then rushes over to the man who walked in, now recognizable as John Barriston the Leader of The Free People of the North. With one swift motion, Kean pulls an Elven dagger from his belt and thrust it into John Barriston’s chest.

Without skipping a beat, Kean leaps from the window. A heavy silence fills the room, quickly broken by the cries of a girl rushing to Barriston side.

The group is forced to sit and watch as Barriston bleeds to death as his daughter, Lyra, cries over his body.

Just as they regain their ability to move more people rush into the room. They are most of the Harvest Festival diplomats, including the Dwarven Queen and Azreal Barriston, the Maester of The Rexland.

Without question Evrah, Rike, and Lilli are immediately thrown into the dungeon. That tingle they all felt upon meeting Kean suddenly vanished as the charm upon them fades.

Escape from Red Valley Keep

After the murder of John Barriston, the party was immediately imprisoned in the dungeons below Red Valley Keep.

They are left for days with no word of there fate until The Dwarven Queen makes her way down to speak with Evrah. After telling her their story it appeared that the Queen believes him and will do her best convince the others in charge of the decision of their fate.

However, she does not seem confident in her ability to do so as Azreal Barriston and Tygon are out for their heads. Given that the dagger used to kill John Barriston was distinctly from Korvan, they are confident Evrah was the murderer. If she can not convince them, the three prisoners will be executed in the morning.

Luckily for them, a few hours later Lyra breaks into the dungeon to free them. She begins unlocking the cell doors explaining that there isn’t much time. The fresh black eye she is sporting gives the party the sense that she is not lying.

As they all try and sneak out they run into an old maid who spots Lyra. With quick thinking Lyra distracts her and leads the woman into the kitchen. Meanwhile, the party runs into some guards and a scuffle ensues. After a few poorly aimed thorn whips from Lilli, they manage to knock out a guard. More were rushing their way, but quick thinking from Rike had the guards following a ghost sound in the opposite direction.

This gives Evrah an idea and heads into the kitchen where the old maid is making Lyra some tea. He quickly charms the old women to ignore them and they all make their way out of the Keep where they meet up with a young guard who is waiting with their gear. This friend of Lyra’s helps them escape the walls and flee into the surrounding Redwood forest.

Lyra leads them deep into the wilderness, but seems to know her way around very well. Late into the night they finally stop to make camp as she tells them her story.

She had been sneaking behind her father to try and scare him. That’s when she saw Kean stab him. Shortly after the group was thrown into the dungeons she tried to explain to everyone what had happened. However, as soon as she mentioned a fourth culprit Azreal insisted she was distraught and had her immediately escorted to her room where she was locked for days. One night a man entered her room and attacked her but he was not expecting a fight from her. She managed to stun him by pulling a bookcase down on him before she slipped out the window. It was then she set out to free the group down in the dungeons, hoping that for freeing them that they would take her to her Uncle, King Samuel I to clear their names and bring her to safety.

Suddenly in the night, Evrah is stabbed in the chest. He wakes the others with his cry of pain and they immediately realize they are being attacked by a small group of unknown humans. During the fight two things become apparent: Lyra is good with a bow, and the men are focusing her.

The group manage to take down all but a spellcaster who flees into the night. Without hesitation the group quickly gathers their gear and moves on, vowing to always have someone take watch while they sleep.

Lyra is visibly shaken by the events that have transpired. After all, she did kill a man. Evrah comforts her and tells her “I know another Lyra, back home. She is very strong, but not nearly as brave as you.”

Her spirit lifts a bit and she continues to lead them all East to Dur Ärdun.


As the party walks up to the gates of Dur Ärdun, they notice an unusual level of security. When they approach they give their names to the guards and request to speak with The Dwarven Queen. The group tries to explain that they are escorting Lyra Barriston, at which the guards scoff. “That poor girl was slain in cold blood, just like her father.”

The group is taken to a temporary cell in a guard tower just inside the gates of the city. One guard is sent to alert the Captain of the Guard. Lilli takes this moment to try her hand at shape shifting, risky as she has never done it before. But to everyone surprise she transforms into a mouse to follow to guard, learning that the Captain wants to let them rot in the cell for awhile.

Lilli relays this information upon her return to the cell. The group spends the night and Rike takes the opportunity to share his story to a couple of the guards assigned to watch their cells.

The next day they are escorted by a group of guards and their elite counterparts, the Stone Cutters. They are being transported to prison in the deepest depths of the mountain. Knowing that once they stepped foot within there would be no escape, Evrah attempts charms on of the Stone Cutters. Without any idea if he succeeded, he uses telepathy to tell the Stone Cutter to help them escape.

Immediately the Stone Cutter reaches under his armor and pulls out a glowing blue crystal. The guards stop and wait for the Cutter as he appears to listen to the crystal. He then turns to the guards and says “Red Spider. Go, now.”

One of the other Stone Cutters asks what to do with the prisoners, but the charmed Cutter assures him that he will finish the escort and meet up as soon as he can. All the guards immediately disperse and the party is ushered into an ally. The charm worked, but will not captivate him for long.

After a brief discussion with their temporary ally, Paurel, they decide that it would be best try and enlist the aid of the Mage Reagent of Dur Ärdun. First, Paurel leads them across town to get a set of fake papers for their identities. Tucked away in a shady part of town Horwitz, a halfling forger, supplies them with the papers. For a price, of course. Lyra is the only one to have enough to pay him.

Just before parting ways, Evrah slips a note into Paurel’s pocket and thanks them for his help.

With the protection of their new identities, the group makes their way to the Mage Reagents home in the richest area of Dur Ärdun. They find it easily enough and walk up and knock. A human woman, Anna, leads them into a sitting room while she fetches the Mage, Korvin.

It quickly becomes clear that Korvin possesses great power when he instantly knows who they are and of their innocence, without ever being told. He explains that he will gladly help them escape to Na’alira with a teleport spell. However, he does not currently posses all the components. What he needs is an eye of a dragon.

A daunting task at first, but Korvin explains that there may be some purveyors in town that will part with one for around 1000gp. Lilli points out that it would be possible to take down a dragon wyrmling themselves, as they are not much bigger than a bear. The group, with nearly no money left, opt to hunt down a wyrmling.

Korvin offers them his home for the night, and lets them know they will always be welcome whenever they need. However, there is one last order of business that must be attended to. What to do with Lyra?

Korvin explains that she is welcome to stay with him, but she could also continue to travel with the group. Lilli thinks it’s best to let Lyra decide for herself.

After a moment of thought Lyra turns the three companions she has traveled with thus far. “Please, take me with you to Na’alira. Evrah, your father is a member of the Elven council, yes?”

Evrah nods and lets her continue. She then reaches under her tunic to pull out a delicate silver necklace with a small moonstone it’s center. “With this I can prove to your father that I am John Barriston’s daughter. Your people may be able to get me to my Uncle in order to clear your names. I owe you all that.”

Lyra holds out the Amulet of Thornwyn to a stunned silent group.

Eventually, Rike speaks up, “We will gladly take you with us.”

The Hunt

The group determine that the best option is to try and hunt down a wyrmling as they are small enough to be manageable for a party of their skill. They look to a local hunters guild to find out more about where to find a dragon and hopefully recruit or hire someone to help.

They find themselves at the Slayers Guild. While there, they learn of a bounty for a red dragon that has been terrorizing caravans on the eastern Dormark Road.

They strike up a conversation with a half-dwarf dragon hunter named Daurel Stonefist. He typically worked with his brother and crew, but they were away while he recovered from an somewhat serious wound he suffered a month back while taking down a black dragon. But he has since recovered and likes the idea of getting out there catching a dragon kill without his brother. Competition is fierce between the Brothers Stonefist.

Over drinks they plan to lure the wyrmling to them by disguising themselves as traders. With a bit of Rike’s help in making the cart appear shiny and full of gold, they should be able to catch the attention of a greedy red dragon.

The next day they set out and after a few days travel they finally see their quarry. The plan works like a charm and the wyrmling swoops down and snatches up the cart and flies off towards the peaks to the North.

They follow the wyrmlling as best they can to an old cave in the mountainside. As they cautiously approach they realize it is taking refuge in an abandoned mine. It becomes quickly apparent that the mine may have been abandoned to to acid that is seeping from the walls and pooling on the ground. The acid bubbles menacingly as they make their way deeper into the cave.

As they come around a corner they see it. The bright red wyrmling is perched on the other side of a deep pit, laying in a pile of coin and treasure. A deep gravely chuckle emanates from the behind a toothy smile. “I look forward to picking my teeth… with your bones.”

A dangerous battle ensues as the dragon flies to attack. In it’s rage, the dragon stirs the very mountain it resides in, causing tremors and plumes of evaporated acid to be thrown into the air. This was not quite the battle the adventurers had in mind. Except of course, for Daurel, who is grinning from ear to ear as he slams his great axe into to dragon.

Everyone else does their best to stay out of range and sight of the dragon, leaving it to focus on Daurel. It’s a blur a burst of magic, axe swinging, and teeth. Then, Daurel falls. The wyrmlings attention now focused on Lilli. The group is struggling and there is no time to stop to help Daurel as he lies bleeding on the cave’s floor.

The party lands a few good hits, but not before the wyrmling takes down Lilli.

Lyra, seeing her fall, immediately rushes to her side with a potion. With a gasp, Lilli is alive and awake, but barely. With the desperation of someone teetering on deaths door, she catches the dragon in a vine whip pulling it into a pit of acid.

In it’s death throws it roars and the mountain quakes, but they are safe. After a moment of recovery they realize Daurel is still down and rush to his side, but it is too late.

Lilli performs a funeral ritual of her people, and Evrah gathers his things. He wants to return them to the guild so they may get to his family.

After searching through the horde the group spends the night at the mouth of the cave, away from the body of their fallen ally. But no distance will separate them from their guilt of getting another man killed.

The Hunted

After a deadly battle with a red dragon wyrmling, the group sets out to return to Dur Ärdun.

The group make it a few hours along the Eastern Dormark Road before Lilli spots something in the woods. As she heads into the trees to investigate, a blink dog appears next to Rike and tares into his leg.

Three more dogs blink into the fray. Lilli, seeing how skilled these beasts are in battle, takes a chance to try and transform into one. Successful, she rushes to aid her friends.

Just as they start to get the upper hand in the battle, a cloaked Teifling appears from the tree line hurling a fireball. Despite the new foe, the party manages to take out all of the dogs and capture the sorcerer.

They interrogate him and find out he is a bounty hunter from King’s Run. He is apart of the guild, The Crimson Hand. They agree to let him live, not wanting any more blood on their hands. They tie him to a tree and walk off.

As the group steps on, Evrah feels a tingle in the back of his mind, but shakes away the feeling.

They travel well into the night before deciding to set up camp. Rike takes first watch before waking Evrah for the next shift. It is shortly after Rike falls asleep that the Teiflling steps out of the shadows and whispers to Evrah.

Evrah looks away to watch the stars, letting the sorcerer go about his business. That is when Rike and Lilli are woken by a short cry from Lyra. A dagger has been plunged into her chest. The group, including Evrah, spring into action as blood begins to pool around the girl.

Lilli lashes out with a thorn whip at the Teifling causing Evrah to feel panic. He is compelled to protect their enemy and suddenly realizes what is happening to him. He looks to Rike with a panic in his eyes, “Restrain me!”

Uncomfortable by the fear he sees in his friend, Rike does as he was told.

Lilli chases after the sorcerer as he runs. With every hit on the Teifling, Evrah struggles against Rike to break free.

Through the struggle, Rike manages to desperately throw a fireball at the Teifling, but looses his grip on Evrah. Luckily, as Evrah finds himself about to attack his companion, the Teifling falls and the charm upon him is lifted.

Lilli rushes back to use their last potion and save Lyra just before she slips too far into death.

Everyone thoroughly shaken, they decide to travel through the night to make it within the safety of the walls of Dur Ärdun.

With little to no sleep, they make it back to the Dwarven City. Using their fake papers, they make it in without issue.

They head back to the Slayers Guild to collect the dragon bounty and return Daurel’s effects. His brother has yet to return from his trip, and so they leave his things with the bar keep. Together, they all have a drink in his name.

As they are about to buy rooms, Rike suggests heading back to Korvin’s home. It would not only save them money, it would be significantly more safe.

When they reach his home, no one answers. However, they are able to get in since the door is not locked. They search the house for signs of anything, but find no one.

They do, however, find a teleportation circle scrawled onto the floor in the basement foyer.

It also appears that whoever was last working in the labs below, left in a hurry. Lilli finds the lab a mess and a freshly brewed potion of swimming, silvery liquid. There is a hastily scrawled note that says, ‘use this’. Rike is unable to identify it, but notices that it is probably a splash potion as the top has been sealed shut. He plans to try again after having some rest.

In the study, Rike finds a recently opened letter with some inherent magical properties. It is written in a careful Dwarven hand.


News of the dealings you have had with the traitors breaks my heart. Send them my way unless you want to find more than the heart of your niece broken; her neck perhaps.

I know you will make the right choice.

Best wishes,


The group decides the best course of action is to have Rike teleport them, instead of depending on Korvin.

Exhausted from the the last days events, Evrah, Lilli, and Lyra all take leave to rest. Rike spends the night trying to learn the teleport spell, or at least the second half of the ritual. The lack of sleep is beginning to get to him.

The next morning there is still no sign of Korvin or Anna. With nothing to do, other than waiting for Rike to finish learning the spell, the others spend their time searching the library and the rest of the house for anything they may have missed the night before.

That is when Evrah notices one side of the library is shorter than the other, but that the room on the other side in not bigger. Rike, just finishing up his studies joins in trying to figure out the curiosity. It seems there is a hidden room in the back of a closet that sits where the tail end of the library should be.

They all try their hand to unlock the door with no luck. Then Lilli gets an idea. She transforms into the shape of a small spider and scurries under the door. She can see bookcases and chests. Another idea hits her, and she crawls into the lock and helps Rike open the door.

As Evrah takes a tentative step into the room, two brass statues suddenly come alive and menacingly step from their platforms. Neither party makes any move until Evrah carefully backs out of the room. When they get out to the foyer they notice two more brass statues have also come to life, looming over the teleportation circle.

The statues then take slow step, after slow step towards the group. Quickly, Rike does his best to cast the final elements needed to finish the teleportation spell. He rushes through the words as best he can remember them.

The brass constructs raise their large axes. Everyone huddled in the circle stares up wide eyed. The axes are brought down at their heads just as Rike finishes up the incantation, “…libera nos ad cordis mei voluntatem!”

The axes swing through their forms as the room becomes blurry. All four feel a sickening pull in their gut as the world becomes black, and with a flash they appear in a well lit room.

Pawns and Plots

“…libera nos ad cordis mei voluntatem!”

The axes swing through their forms as the room becomes blurry. The group feel a sickening pull in their gut as the world becomes black, and with a flash they appear in a well lit room.

Arcane symbols on the floor illuminate 6 men standing about, quickly arming themselves. They are all armored and have a symbol of an eye on their left hands.

That’s when an older voice fills everyones heads, “Stand down. Trust me.”

The guards begin to detain the group and lead them through a very large house. They are brought to a large dining hall where two men sit at the end of a table. Azreal Barriston and Kean sit, eating breakfast.

Azreal looks up from his meal, “A yes, you’ve arrived. good. very good. They will be dealt with after breakfast.” He gestures for them to be taken away and turns to Kean, “Wouldn’t want to spoil the meal.”

Just before the group is pulled away Korvin Ez’Badhrun, The Mage Reagent of Dur Årdun, rushes into the room. He tells the guards to take them nowhere and then insists that his niece, Ilestra be released.

A few short words are exchanged before Azreal sends Kean to fetch ‘their guest’.

Kean returns with a distraught young Dwarven women. She rushes to Korvin and embraces him.

Being somewhat close to him, the group can see him whisper into her ear. A look confused flashes across her face, but he holds her tightly in his embrace.

At that moment the familiar voice fills their head once again, it’s Korvin. “Do not move. No matter what happens. DO. NOT. MOVE.”

Azreal, almost disgusted by the display of affection says, “Now, you have your girl.” He turns to the guards, “Please, take them out of here. I will be along shortly.”

The group eye each other, in a bit of a panic, but they all remain motionless as instructed.

It’s then that duplicates of themselves step out from their bodies and are ushered away.

As they glance about, they realize they can no longer see each other.

Everyone files out of the room leaving only Azreal, Kean, and the invisible party.

Eventually Kean, eyes towards the ground, speaks up, “May I be excused.”

For the first time, a delighted smile stretches across Azreal’s face. “Of course you can. Meet me in the cellar.”

Kean nods and goes to leave, heading straight for Lilli. She steps aside so he can pass, only to instantly break the spell and become visible.

Panic ensues as the group immediately begin to run out of the house. Kean rushes to get the guards and Azreal attempts to cast a spell.

Thinking quickly, Lilli becomes a fly and rushes over to Azreal’s face, effectively breaking his concentration.

The group rushes into the foyer to were they had earlier passed a front door. Azreal regains his concentration and casts a very powerful cold spell, knocking Lili out. It is then that they all realize no one can see Lyra.

Rike becomes human again and scoops Lili up as he and Evrah rush out the front doors.

Lilli regains consciousness and quickly pulls the immovable rod out of her bag and bars off the door. Loud banging can be heard from behind the door, and eventually it appears someone is trying to break a window. Luckily, they are slowed down by the metal that holds the windows together.

As they turn to leave, Azreal’s voice fills his head “Stand by my side, until I say stop.” Without hesitation, Rike then reaches out and removes the immovable rod, and heads inside.

Lilli manages to squeeze out of Rikes grasp.

Azreal’s furious face is the last thing anyone see’s before everything goes black.



an inn

Korvin must leave

They decide to find the mage hall the next day

that night they notice very little on the streets and people appear to be mourning

Rike decides to go in disguise so he won’t be recognized, goes as Friday Jones

next day on their way to the college, they see Kean and Marrus.

Lilli briefly follows to eavesdrop

They make it to the mage college, Lyra, Lilli, and Evrah must be invited in

Rike runs into a kid, billy he used to tutor

then runs into an old Master

He explains the king has been assassinated,

they all go back to his office and drink a truth potion

they relay their story,

they stay in the garden while everyone is away (like the room of requirement kinda)

While inside they hear someone enter the college.

They see Kean, Marrus, and one of Azreal’s guards. He must have been a mage from the college.

The rest of the college return

Azreal condemned the mages at the funeral and wants to spread the protection of Helm.

He also said that he had the assassins in his capture and that they will be executed the next day.

The mages are rushing to get them to leave, they fear for the safety of the college.

Rike convinces Master Ilandra to accompany them to help their story sound credible

Lilli spots someone in the shadows, but does not investigate.

The teleport and find themselves in the Summons Tower in Nai’alira

Evrah head’s home. and is stopped by a guard who escorts them

His father, Korevus Baelen ath’Korvan and Ilrathiyn Lara’il are the ones to great the group

His father is noticbly distressed and appears to have been distraught before they arrived.

Evrah explains what happens.

Gets upset.

They think it’s best to call a meeting at Syland’ria.

Ilandra goes as well.

The next day Lrya says her goodbyes and goes off with Lyrae Siroki.

Evrah says something nice.

Home again, but briefly
  • Lily: Woods: Tiger encounter
  • Rike: Shopping
  • Evrah: Letter concerning brother
  • Evrah: Secret time with the Old One
  • Evrah: Bro time with Loh.
  • Rike&Lily?: Overhear missing baby sadness.
  • Evrah: Ask Loh about baby whereabouts.
  • Loh: Stare creepily into the distance.
  • Whole Party: Into the Woods!
  • Whole Party: Stumble upon…Rowan!!!
  • Whole Party: Wander until MYSTERIOUS TEMPLE.
  • Whole Party: Track tiger into Mysterious Temple.
  • Whole Party: FIGHT A TIGER.
  • Lily: Achievement Get: Finding a Familiar! (bb tiger)
  • Whole Party: Search Temple
  • Whole Party: Find creepy little girl being shielded by Homunculi.
  • Evrah: Ask little girl about where the baby is. Get cryptic response. Learn about Big Sister.
  • Whole Party: Search temple.
  • Whole Party: Search temple some more.
  • Rowan, Lily, Rike: Get in a fight with a Mimic.
  • Evrah and Little Girl: Discuss ancient mural.
  • Whole Party: Search temple.
  • Whole Party: Come across an elf in trouble.
  • Lily, Tigerbb, & Loh: Get TURNED TO STONE.
  • Rowan, Evrah, Rike: Fight the hag.
  • Lily, Tigerbb, & Loh: Be statues.
  • Rowan, Evrah, Rike: EMERGE VICTORIOUS.
  • Evrah: Find elfbb under horrible evil alter.
  • Evrah & everyone not a statue: Don’t fuck with that alter.
  • Everyone not a statue: Find rejuvenating potion for Lily in Big Sister’s room.
  • Everyone not a statue: Fix LILY’S statue problem.
  • Whole Party: Head back to town with little girl and bb.
  • Whole Party: Run into Daelia while she’s painting by the cliffside.
  • Daelia: (to Evrah) YOU WERE GONE 2 MONTHS, WTF.
  • Whole Party: WTFFFFFFF?!
Strange Discoveries

2 months?!?!??
Return the children.
Discover what happened after 2 months.
SECRET: Evrah tells spymaster to kill kids
speak with fisaleth the next day, missing bro
go to close off the portal after contacting clerics, temparary.
Rowan writes a letter.
asks lyrea about wolf word
mom sees rowan and freaks out
secret revieled.
takes a night to think
comes clean
all is okay
they head east into Deavan
no water
druid marks for water, but lilli created it
druid mark for ambush, skirt them
hear a noise in the night….

Wolves in the Wood

attacked by wolves!
Rowan fucks one up
they kill them all
notice wolves are not local
move towards town
after notice a druid sign for beware of beast
get to gates of Firiel
stopped by guards
questioned by the lead guard Tavin
Evrah explains their quest
sends them through, jovial. Congratulates them on skirtting the guards
stops them at the realization rowan is a drow
evrah vouches for them
they ask where they might find seal’uss hunting party
sent to the leaky tap
dilia is the young blond elf bartender, over easger
sent upstairs by an old guy
meet with wood watchers
LILLI nat 20 to tell that able is lying
catches him downstairs
he tells her he saw Se’elus at a funeral for the young boy. Able was friends with the boys brother. He told Forowyn who disappeared the next day
the next day the decide where to go.
lilli looks for info on the mysterious druid who may have ciomethrough town. the small boys fanfiction game is real. Mentions all of the watchers. They decide to ask their druid

they try and catch the watchers at the east gate, and get lucky.
Killi tells them of a young dwarven druid who came through a month ago.
lilli recognizes the discription.
Kili saw him buying herbs in the market. She found it odd, but attributed it to him not being local
They go talk to the herbalist in the market. an ancient elven woman named silia
she remembers the druid. He bought nightwood. used in healing properties, but there are much more local herbs that could have done the trick. This particular herb is good for making a potion of cure disease.
Silia had to discribe where best to find a binding agent in for the potion (in water). the closest creek comes from the north and flows through firiel.
Lilli pays the woman for the info, and gets a surprised goodberry seed in return
they head north and manage to find the closest creek, and with a NAT 20, they find tracks
they find the old cave where the druid took care of saelus and they follow tracks back south.
ANOTHER NAT 20 from RIke has him spot a skirmish and a lot of blood (quite old)
They loose the trail
They head along the eastern trail.
they find the trail of the wood watchers until it stops when they split up intot he wood.s
Asking lo for help, they head into the woods off the trail
they are attacked by 2 wolves, 2 dire wolves, and a wearwolf
Evrah shouts to Loh if its’ his brother, but loh attacks instead.
the werewolf and 1 dire wolf run off. they chase
they come over an edge and spot the pack pf wolves with 5 people turnign . 1 at the center is the druid, he looks paineed and skcared,.

What to do with Werewolves

Met with the wood watchers
Looked for info on druid next morning
Small infatuated boy
Met back up with wood watchers to find out about druid
Tracked brother
Searched for wolves
Everybody nearly died
Got back
Spooky dreams
Met with druids and god peeps
Rike locked up
Lilli rushed for nightwood
Potion made
JUST as rike is turning they threw the potion on him
Currently passed out


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