John Barriston

The Free People’s Leader | The Black Wolf



Relation Family Member Status
Father King Pavel III Deceased
Mother Amelia of Glynn Deceased
Brother King Samuel I Alive
Wife Laura Mercer Deceased
Daughter Lyra Barriston Alive
Cousin Azreal Barriston Alive


Year 1447 | Era 5 – Year 21 | Era 6

Known as the Black Wolf, John Barriston was the leader if The Free People of the North. He lead the The Free People’s Rebellion, killing his father King Pavel III. After being driven from the capitol, he lead the rebels to the Dormark Mountains to establish a free nation.

Being the oldest son of King Pavel III, he was arguably the rightful heir. He was also thought to be in possession of the Amulet of Thornwyn, a symbol for the rightful ruler of The Rexland to wear.

He was known to hate all royalty and aristocracy. However, had long been good friends with the Dwarven Queen.


All of Taldoran was shocked when he was murdered in his home during the height of the Harvest Festival. His death, very recent, leaves everyone looking to the Elven nations with caution and fear. It is believed that insurgents sent by the Elven Council are the responsible for his death.

Evrah Baelen ath’Korvan, Rike, and Lilli were charged with his murder. However, before execution they escaped.

No one knows that they have been framed, and that it was actually a mysterious half-elf named Kean.

John Barriston

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