Thornwyn's Legacy

The Hunted

After a deadly battle with a red dragon wyrmling, the group sets out to return to Dur Ärdun.

The group make it a few hours along the Eastern Dormark Road before Lilli spots something in the woods. As she heads into the trees to investigate, a blink dog appears next to Rike and tares into his leg.

Three more dogs blink into the fray. Lilli, seeing how skilled these beasts are in battle, takes a chance to try and transform into one. Successful, she rushes to aid her friends.

Just as they start to get the upper hand in the battle, a cloaked Teifling appears from the tree line hurling a fireball. Despite the new foe, the party manages to take out all of the dogs and capture the sorcerer.

They interrogate him and find out he is a bounty hunter from King’s Run. He is apart of the guild, The Crimson Hand. They agree to let him live, not wanting any more blood on their hands. They tie him to a tree and walk off.

As the group steps on, Evrah feels a tingle in the back of his mind, but shakes away the feeling.

They travel well into the night before deciding to set up camp. Rike takes first watch before waking Evrah for the next shift. It is shortly after Rike falls asleep that the Teiflling steps out of the shadows and whispers to Evrah.

Evrah looks away to watch the stars, letting the sorcerer go about his business. That is when Rike and Lilli are woken by a short cry from Lyra. A dagger has been plunged into her chest. The group, including Evrah, spring into action as blood begins to pool around the girl.

Lilli lashes out with a thorn whip at the Teifling causing Evrah to feel panic. He is compelled to protect their enemy and suddenly realizes what is happening to him. He looks to Rike with a panic in his eyes, “Restrain me!”

Uncomfortable by the fear he sees in his friend, Rike does as he was told.

Lilli chases after the sorcerer as he runs. With every hit on the Teifling, Evrah struggles against Rike to break free.

Through the struggle, Rike manages to desperately throw a fireball at the Teifling, but looses his grip on Evrah. Luckily, as Evrah finds himself about to attack his companion, the Teifling falls and the charm upon him is lifted.

Lilli rushes back to use their last potion and save Lyra just before she slips too far into death.

Everyone thoroughly shaken, they decide to travel through the night to make it within the safety of the walls of Dur Ärdun.

With little to no sleep, they make it back to the Dwarven City. Using their fake papers, they make it in without issue.

They head back to the Slayers Guild to collect the dragon bounty and return Daurel’s effects. His brother has yet to return from his trip, and so they leave his things with the bar keep. Together, they all have a drink in his name.

As they are about to buy rooms, Rike suggests heading back to Korvin’s home. It would not only save them money, it would be significantly more safe.

When they reach his home, no one answers. However, they are able to get in since the door is not locked. They search the house for signs of anything, but find no one.

They do, however, find a teleportation circle scrawled onto the floor in the basement foyer.

It also appears that whoever was last working in the labs below, left in a hurry. Lilli finds the lab a mess and a freshly brewed potion of swimming, silvery liquid. There is a hastily scrawled note that says, ‘use this’. Rike is unable to identify it, but notices that it is probably a splash potion as the top has been sealed shut. He plans to try again after having some rest.

In the study, Rike finds a recently opened letter with some inherent magical properties. It is written in a careful Dwarven hand.


News of the dealings you have had with the traitors breaks my heart. Send them my way unless you want to find more than the heart of your niece broken; her neck perhaps.

I know you will make the right choice.

Best wishes,


The group decides the best course of action is to have Rike teleport them, instead of depending on Korvin.

Exhausted from the the last days events, Evrah, Lilli, and Lyra all take leave to rest. Rike spends the night trying to learn the teleport spell, or at least the second half of the ritual. The lack of sleep is beginning to get to him.

The next morning there is still no sign of Korvin or Anna. With nothing to do, other than waiting for Rike to finish learning the spell, the others spend their time searching the library and the rest of the house for anything they may have missed the night before.

That is when Evrah notices one side of the library is shorter than the other, but that the room on the other side in not bigger. Rike, just finishing up his studies joins in trying to figure out the curiosity. It seems there is a hidden room in the back of a closet that sits where the tail end of the library should be.

They all try their hand to unlock the door with no luck. Then Lilli gets an idea. She transforms into the shape of a small spider and scurries under the door. She can see bookcases and chests. Another idea hits her, and she crawls into the lock and helps Rike open the door.

As Evrah takes a tentative step into the room, two brass statues suddenly come alive and menacingly step from their platforms. Neither party makes any move until Evrah carefully backs out of the room. When they get out to the foyer they notice two more brass statues have also come to life, looming over the teleportation circle.

The statues then take slow step, after slow step towards the group. Quickly, Rike does his best to cast the final elements needed to finish the teleportation spell. He rushes through the words as best he can remember them.

The brass constructs raise their large axes. Everyone huddled in the circle stares up wide eyed. The axes are brought down at their heads just as Rike finishes up the incantation, “…libera nos ad cordis mei voluntatem!”

The axes swing through their forms as the room becomes blurry. All four feel a sickening pull in their gut as the world becomes black, and with a flash they appear in a well lit room.



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