Thornwyn's Legacy

The Hunt

The group determine that the best option is to try and hunt down a wyrmling as they are small enough to be manageable for a party of their skill. They look to a local hunters guild to find out more about where to find a dragon and hopefully recruit or hire someone to help.

They find themselves at the Slayers Guild. While there, they learn of a bounty for a red dragon that has been terrorizing caravans on the eastern Dormark Road.

They strike up a conversation with a half-dwarf dragon hunter named Daurel Stonefist. He typically worked with his brother and crew, but they were away while he recovered from an somewhat serious wound he suffered a month back while taking down a black dragon. But he has since recovered and likes the idea of getting out there catching a dragon kill without his brother. Competition is fierce between the Brothers Stonefist.

Over drinks they plan to lure the wyrmling to them by disguising themselves as traders. With a bit of Rike’s help in making the cart appear shiny and full of gold, they should be able to catch the attention of a greedy red dragon.

The next day they set out and after a few days travel they finally see their quarry. The plan works like a charm and the wyrmling swoops down and snatches up the cart and flies off towards the peaks to the North.

They follow the wyrmlling as best they can to an old cave in the mountainside. As they cautiously approach they realize it is taking refuge in an abandoned mine. It becomes quickly apparent that the mine may have been abandoned to to acid that is seeping from the walls and pooling on the ground. The acid bubbles menacingly as they make their way deeper into the cave.

As they come around a corner they see it. The bright red wyrmling is perched on the other side of a deep pit, laying in a pile of coin and treasure. A deep gravely chuckle emanates from the behind a toothy smile. “I look forward to picking my teeth… with your bones.”

A dangerous battle ensues as the dragon flies to attack. In it’s rage, the dragon stirs the very mountain it resides in, causing tremors and plumes of evaporated acid to be thrown into the air. This was not quite the battle the adventurers had in mind. Except of course, for Daurel, who is grinning from ear to ear as he slams his great axe into to dragon.

Everyone else does their best to stay out of range and sight of the dragon, leaving it to focus on Daurel. It’s a blur a burst of magic, axe swinging, and teeth. Then, Daurel falls. The wyrmlings attention now focused on Lilli. The group is struggling and there is no time to stop to help Daurel as he lies bleeding on the cave’s floor.

The party lands a few good hits, but not before the wyrmling takes down Lilli.

Lyra, seeing her fall, immediately rushes to her side with a potion. With a gasp, Lilli is alive and awake, but barely. With the desperation of someone teetering on deaths door, she catches the dragon in a vine whip pulling it into a pit of acid.

In it’s death throws it roars and the mountain quakes, but they are safe. After a moment of recovery they realize Daurel is still down and rush to his side, but it is too late.

Lilli performs a funeral ritual of her people, and Evrah gathers his things. He wants to return them to the guild so they may get to his family.

After searching through the horde the group spends the night at the mouth of the cave, away from the body of their fallen ally. But no distance will separate them from their guilt of getting another man killed.



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