Thornwyn's Legacy

The Death of the Black Wolf

Evrah Baelen ath’Korvan found himself breaking bread with a half-elf dressed in finery that did not seem to match his rugged demeanor.

“I know what happened to Fisaelyth at the White Falls.”

Evrah’s breath caught in his throat. His eyes locked with the half-elf’s companion, a battle hardened human with a large scar over his left eye.

Evrah felt a shiver run up his spine as the half-elf continued, “But don’t worry, this can all go away. We just need a little… assistance.”

A few weeks later, the three found themselves passing through the sprawling human capitol of King’s Run. The half-elf signed the inn’s ledger, ‘Kean Thyl’, as Evrah attempted to find solace at the bottom of a cup. His companion was speaking with a local mage, fresh out of the mage’s college.

Rike listened intently as the man spoke of a famed lost relic of their people.

“If you help us, we can return the Amulet to our King.”

Rike felt a tingle of anticipation run through him.

More travel and more weeks went by and the four of them found themselves in a small village in the foothills of the Dormark Mountains. While Evrah and Rike attended to securing lodging, Kean and his companion, Marrus, spoke with a bright-eyed gnome who had wandered into the town shortly before.

Lilli had rarely ventured so far from her druid clan in the mountains, and never before into a town. Her attention was immediately drawn to Kean as he was the first city dweller to address her.

“You are on a vision quest, am I right?”

Startled by his accurate insight into her motives, she listened.

“Perhaps, I can help. I am on a quest that I believe you would be perfect for.”

She attempted to ignore the butterflies in her stomach as she listened to his proposal.

The party finished the last leg of their journey to the giant granite mountains of the North. The settlement in the Red Valley sits high in the Dormark Mountains. The winters in the valley are known to be particularly hard, and the people even harder.

When they arrive, the Harvest Festival is in full swing. The small woodsman community is crowded with foreign merchants, games, music, and food.

Evrah attends meetings the whole week, as is his duty as the diplomatic representative from the Elven Nations. The rest of the group plans how to break in to Red Valley Keep to steal the Amulet of Thornwyn, in order to bring it to the King of The Rexland.

The plan is to pretend Rike and Lilli are waitstaff in order to gain access to the Keep, while Kean and Marrus hop the wall and sneak in through the kitchen vents. They decide to strike during the last day of the festival which always culminates in a huge event during the fall equinox.

The night comes and everyone gets into the keep without a hitch. They make their way up the library where everyone takes their positions. Marrus is out in the hall keeping watch while Kean works on the safe and the others stood about the room.

As Kean toiled with the lock someone unexpectedly walks in. Immediately, Kean throws something to the ground and with a flash everyone finds themselves frozen in place. He then rushes over to the man who walked in, now recognizable as John Barriston the Leader of The Free People of the North. With one swift motion, Kean pulls an Elven dagger from his belt and thrust it into John Barriston’s chest.

Without skipping a beat, Kean leaps from the window. A heavy silence fills the room, quickly broken by the cries of a girl rushing to Barriston side.

The group is forced to sit and watch as Barriston bleeds to death as his daughter, Lyra, cries over his body.

Just as they regain their ability to move more people rush into the room. They are most of the Harvest Festival diplomats, including the Dwarven Queen and Azreal Barriston, the Maester of The Rexland.

Without question Evrah, Rike, and Lilli are immediately thrown into the dungeon. That tingle they all felt upon meeting Kean suddenly vanished as the charm upon them fades.



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