Thornwyn's Legacy

Pawns and Plots

“…libera nos ad cordis mei voluntatem!”

The axes swing through their forms as the room becomes blurry. The group feel a sickening pull in their gut as the world becomes black, and with a flash they appear in a well lit room.

Arcane symbols on the floor illuminate 6 men standing about, quickly arming themselves. They are all armored and have a symbol of an eye on their left hands.

That’s when an older voice fills everyones heads, “Stand down. Trust me.”

The guards begin to detain the group and lead them through a very large house. They are brought to a large dining hall where two men sit at the end of a table. Azreal Barriston and Kean sit, eating breakfast.

Azreal looks up from his meal, “A yes, you’ve arrived. good. very good. They will be dealt with after breakfast.” He gestures for them to be taken away and turns to Kean, “Wouldn’t want to spoil the meal.”

Just before the group is pulled away Korvin Ez’Badhrun, The Mage Reagent of Dur Årdun, rushes into the room. He tells the guards to take them nowhere and then insists that his niece, Ilestra be released.

A few short words are exchanged before Azreal sends Kean to fetch ‘their guest’.

Kean returns with a distraught young Dwarven women. She rushes to Korvin and embraces him.

Being somewhat close to him, the group can see him whisper into her ear. A look confused flashes across her face, but he holds her tightly in his embrace.

At that moment the familiar voice fills their head once again, it’s Korvin. “Do not move. No matter what happens. DO. NOT. MOVE.”

Azreal, almost disgusted by the display of affection says, “Now, you have your girl.” He turns to the guards, “Please, take them out of here. I will be along shortly.”

The group eye each other, in a bit of a panic, but they all remain motionless as instructed.

It’s then that duplicates of themselves step out from their bodies and are ushered away.

As they glance about, they realize they can no longer see each other.

Everyone files out of the room leaving only Azreal, Kean, and the invisible party.

Eventually Kean, eyes towards the ground, speaks up, “May I be excused.”

For the first time, a delighted smile stretches across Azreal’s face. “Of course you can. Meet me in the cellar.”

Kean nods and goes to leave, heading straight for Lilli. She steps aside so he can pass, only to instantly break the spell and become visible.

Panic ensues as the group immediately begin to run out of the house. Kean rushes to get the guards and Azreal attempts to cast a spell.

Thinking quickly, Lilli becomes a fly and rushes over to Azreal’s face, effectively breaking his concentration.

The group rushes into the foyer to were they had earlier passed a front door. Azreal regains his concentration and casts a very powerful cold spell, knocking Lili out. It is then that they all realize no one can see Lyra.

Rike becomes human again and scoops Lili up as he and Evrah rush out the front doors.

Lilli regains consciousness and quickly pulls the immovable rod out of her bag and bars off the door. Loud banging can be heard from behind the door, and eventually it appears someone is trying to break a window. Luckily, they are slowed down by the metal that holds the windows together.

As they turn to leave, Azreal’s voice fills his head “Stand by my side, until I say stop.” Without hesitation, Rike then reaches out and removes the immovable rod, and heads inside.

Lilli manages to squeeze out of Rikes grasp.

Azreal’s furious face is the last thing anyone see’s before everything goes black.



an inn

Korvin must leave

They decide to find the mage hall the next day

that night they notice very little on the streets and people appear to be mourning

Rike decides to go in disguise so he won’t be recognized, goes as Friday Jones

next day on their way to the college, they see Kean and Marrus.

Lilli briefly follows to eavesdrop

They make it to the mage college, Lyra, Lilli, and Evrah must be invited in

Rike runs into a kid, billy he used to tutor

then runs into an old Master

He explains the king has been assassinated,

they all go back to his office and drink a truth potion

they relay their story,

they stay in the garden while everyone is away (like the room of requirement kinda)

While inside they hear someone enter the college.

They see Kean, Marrus, and one of Azreal’s guards. He must have been a mage from the college.

The rest of the college return

Azreal condemned the mages at the funeral and wants to spread the protection of Helm.

He also said that he had the assassins in his capture and that they will be executed the next day.

The mages are rushing to get them to leave, they fear for the safety of the college.

Rike convinces Master Ilandra to accompany them to help their story sound credible

Lilli spots someone in the shadows, but does not investigate.

The teleport and find themselves in the Summons Tower in Nai’alira

Evrah head’s home. and is stopped by a guard who escorts them

His father, Korevus Baelen ath’Korvan and Ilrathiyn Lara’il are the ones to great the group

His father is noticbly distressed and appears to have been distraught before they arrived.

Evrah explains what happens.

Gets upset.

They think it’s best to call a meeting at Syland’ria.

Ilandra goes as well.

The next day Lrya says her goodbyes and goes off with Lyrae Siroki.

Evrah says something nice.



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