Thornwyn's Legacy

Escape from Red Valley Keep

After the murder of John Barriston, the party was immediately imprisoned in the dungeons below Red Valley Keep.

They are left for days with no word of there fate until The Dwarven Queen makes her way down to speak with Evrah. After telling her their story it appeared that the Queen believes him and will do her best convince the others in charge of the decision of their fate.

However, she does not seem confident in her ability to do so as Azreal Barriston and Tygon are out for their heads. Given that the dagger used to kill John Barriston was distinctly from Korvan, they are confident Evrah was the murderer. If she can not convince them, the three prisoners will be executed in the morning.

Luckily for them, a few hours later Lyra breaks into the dungeon to free them. She begins unlocking the cell doors explaining that there isn’t much time. The fresh black eye she is sporting gives the party the sense that she is not lying.

As they all try and sneak out they run into an old maid who spots Lyra. With quick thinking Lyra distracts her and leads the woman into the kitchen. Meanwhile, the party runs into some guards and a scuffle ensues. After a few poorly aimed thorn whips from Lilli, they manage to knock out a guard. More were rushing their way, but quick thinking from Rike had the guards following a ghost sound in the opposite direction.

This gives Evrah an idea and heads into the kitchen where the old maid is making Lyra some tea. He quickly charms the old women to ignore them and they all make their way out of the Keep where they meet up with a young guard who is waiting with their gear. This friend of Lyra’s helps them escape the walls and flee into the surrounding Redwood forest.

Lyra leads them deep into the wilderness, but seems to know her way around very well. Late into the night they finally stop to make camp as she tells them her story.

She had been sneaking behind her father to try and scare him. That’s when she saw Kean stab him. Shortly after the group was thrown into the dungeons she tried to explain to everyone what had happened. However, as soon as she mentioned a fourth culprit Azreal insisted she was distraught and had her immediately escorted to her room where she was locked for days. One night a man entered her room and attacked her but he was not expecting a fight from her. She managed to stun him by pulling a bookcase down on him before she slipped out the window. It was then she set out to free the group down in the dungeons, hoping that for freeing them that they would take her to her Uncle, King Samuel I to clear their names and bring her to safety.

Suddenly in the night, Evrah is stabbed in the chest. He wakes the others with his cry of pain and they immediately realize they are being attacked by a small group of unknown humans. During the fight two things become apparent: Lyra is good with a bow, and the men are focusing her.

The group manage to take down all but a spellcaster who flees into the night. Without hesitation the group quickly gathers their gear and moves on, vowing to always have someone take watch while they sleep.

Lyra is visibly shaken by the events that have transpired. After all, she did kill a man. Evrah comforts her and tells her “I know another Lyra, back home. She is very strong, but not nearly as brave as you.”

Her spirit lifts a bit and she continues to lead them all East to Dur Ă„rdun.



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