Thornwyn's Legacy


As the party walks up to the gates of Dur Ärdun, they notice an unusual level of security. When they approach they give their names to the guards and request to speak with The Dwarven Queen. The group tries to explain that they are escorting Lyra Barriston, at which the guards scoff. “That poor girl was slain in cold blood, just like her father.”

The group is taken to a temporary cell in a guard tower just inside the gates of the city. One guard is sent to alert the Captain of the Guard. Lilli takes this moment to try her hand at shape shifting, risky as she has never done it before. But to everyone surprise she transforms into a mouse to follow to guard, learning that the Captain wants to let them rot in the cell for awhile.

Lilli relays this information upon her return to the cell. The group spends the night and Rike takes the opportunity to share his story to a couple of the guards assigned to watch their cells.

The next day they are escorted by a group of guards and their elite counterparts, the Stone Cutters. They are being transported to prison in the deepest depths of the mountain. Knowing that once they stepped foot within there would be no escape, Evrah attempts charms on of the Stone Cutters. Without any idea if he succeeded, he uses telepathy to tell the Stone Cutter to help them escape.

Immediately the Stone Cutter reaches under his armor and pulls out a glowing blue crystal. The guards stop and wait for the Cutter as he appears to listen to the crystal. He then turns to the guards and says “Red Spider. Go, now.”

One of the other Stone Cutters asks what to do with the prisoners, but the charmed Cutter assures him that he will finish the escort and meet up as soon as he can. All the guards immediately disperse and the party is ushered into an ally. The charm worked, but will not captivate him for long.

After a brief discussion with their temporary ally, Paurel, they decide that it would be best try and enlist the aid of the Mage Reagent of Dur Ärdun. First, Paurel leads them across town to get a set of fake papers for their identities. Tucked away in a shady part of town Horwitz, a halfling forger, supplies them with the papers. For a price, of course. Lyra is the only one to have enough to pay him.

Just before parting ways, Evrah slips a note into Paurel’s pocket and thanks them for his help.

With the protection of their new identities, the group makes their way to the Mage Reagents home in the richest area of Dur Ärdun. They find it easily enough and walk up and knock. A human woman, Anna, leads them into a sitting room while she fetches the Mage, Korvin.

It quickly becomes clear that Korvin possesses great power when he instantly knows who they are and of their innocence, without ever being told. He explains that he will gladly help them escape to Na’alira with a teleport spell. However, he does not currently posses all the components. What he needs is an eye of a dragon.

A daunting task at first, but Korvin explains that there may be some purveyors in town that will part with one for around 1000gp. Lilli points out that it would be possible to take down a dragon wyrmling themselves, as they are not much bigger than a bear. The group, with nearly no money left, opt to hunt down a wyrmling.

Korvin offers them his home for the night, and lets them know they will always be welcome whenever they need. However, there is one last order of business that must be attended to. What to do with Lyra?

Korvin explains that she is welcome to stay with him, but she could also continue to travel with the group. Lilli thinks it’s best to let Lyra decide for herself.

After a moment of thought Lyra turns the three companions she has traveled with thus far. “Please, take me with you to Na’alira. Evrah, your father is a member of the Elven council, yes?”

Evrah nods and lets her continue. She then reaches under her tunic to pull out a delicate silver necklace with a small moonstone it’s center. “With this I can prove to your father that I am John Barriston’s daughter. Your people may be able to get me to my Uncle in order to clear your names. I owe you all that.”

Lyra holds out the Amulet of Thornwyn to a stunned silent group.

Eventually, Rike speaks up, “We will gladly take you with us.”



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